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Pregnancy and Nursing

Pregnancy is an important phase in a woman's life.

Besides being lucky and having a healthy baby, it is important for a young mother to have her old shape back again for exemple:

  • slim hips,
  • firm breasts and stomach.

Even after your second or third child , you still want our old figure back . We can help you. Magic – Lingerie has high quality and fashionable merchandise from the Anita Maternity ”In Form Program”.

This collection offers comfortable lingerie and swimwear for young demanding customers during the pregnancy and after child birth. It targets the main parts of the body:

  • Bosom
  • hips
  • legs
  • stomach

Our products can relieve and ease your pregnancy and making it more enjoyable.

During the Pregnancy :

We accompany you through all phases of your pregnancy with the "In Form Products" from the Anita Maternity Programm . From approximately the third month on, maternity bras (until Cup G) give you the necessary support you need to prevent tissues from ripping. Superb cut-technologies and striking materials make sure the growing mother feels good. Flexible and premolded cups (with no annoying seams) are also recommended for the woman with sensitive breasts. The wide , soft and cushioned straps unburden the shoulders and neck. Looking great and feeling comfortable are guaranteed. The highly flexible maternity bra and the nine month panty from high quality materials match very well together . The maternity bra ( item no. 5162 ) is made from the finest , silk soft microfibre. The panty ( item no. 1562 ) is made with no seams and the back of the panty is more supported.

The “Grow with BabyBelt” should be used when a woman is pregnant. It provides effective help for backaches and strengthens the tissue at the same time. The body and back support improve. The university clinic in Frankfurt / Main ( Germany ) clinically tested the BabyBelt.

A classic swimsuit in red and black is the ideal vacation companion for the growing mother. The band under the breast supports the breast and gives you a firm hold. The good thing is you can obtain a swimsuit anytime of the year. A black sarong is a fashionable beach companion for those long walks on the beach.

The young fashionable sleepwear from the AnitaMaternity Collection is available in fresh colours and easy to care for. It also has a hidden, accessible opening for convenient nursing.

In the Hospital and before the Delivery

Convenient and an ideal gift for the mother to be :

  • the "Mum-Set", the companion for the hospital.

Everything you need is there. The Mum set contains a comfortable house coat, nightshirt and slippers. The fresh rose colour suits any young mother.

After the Birth and while Breastfeeding

After the birth simplify the nursing bra with the “KwikKlip" breastfeeding system. It opens and closes easily with one hand. The baby stays in the mothers arms when shifting from breast. You don't have to miss out on fashionable articles with this nursing bra. The seamless nursing bra made from breathable active microfibres feel like soft silk on the body especially for woman with sensitive breasts. For example nursing bra 5062 up to Cup H. For the heavier breast we recommend the nursing bra 5022. It’s wide flexible and diagonal straps do not cut into the shoulders and unburden the shoulders and neck.

Birth is an experience, that will change your life. Numerous decisions about care and nutrition for your newborn have to be decided. Especially about nursing.

With the decision to breastfeed, you will give your baby the purest and best food it could ever have - mother's milk. We offer you nursing pads, nursing pillows and also milk pumps. With the nursing pads, you can choose between:

  • self sticking nursing pads. The nipples remain dry through extremely high absorbency.
  • washable nursing pads, skin friendly thanks to its natural Cotton –Jersey and can be washed at 60 Celsius
  • milk pumps also to rent as a supplement
  • the nursing pillow keeps you comfortable while breastfeeding and doesn’t burden you with the weight of the baby. The pillow also prevents back problems . If your baby is bigger, the nursing pillow helps you find a comfortable nursing position and gives you support.

After the Birth and your original Figure

After the birth, you want your figure back. The post-natal panty girdle forms your stomach after the delivery. It molds the stomach , hips and bum. Many of our customers wear the panty girdle for a long time. The lateral stretch adjustability shows you how that extra body fat is tucked away giving you a smoother shape. The post-natal panty girdle is perfect after a caesarean section.

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