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Terms and Conditions

  1. Seller: Who is magic-lingerie?
  2. Completion of a Contract
  3. Prices
  4. Shipping Costs
  5. Returns
  6. Right of Cancellation
  7. Delivery
  8. Order
  9. Types of Payment
  10. Ordering Procedure
  11. Retention of Proprietary Rights
  12. Guarantee
  13. Transport Damages
  14. Clarification of Data Protection
  15. Coupons

Online Dispute Resolution Informations
We endeavor to reach an agreement with our customers at any time. The European Commission maintains an online platform for Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) with further information, which can be accessed under the link You can reach our service contact at We are not willing and not obligated to participate in a formal dispute settlement procedure in front of Independent Consumer Arbitration Service.

1. Seller: Who is magic-lingerie?

magic-lingerie is a department of the Rehaland company and concerned with the consultation and sales of lingerie and swimwear over the internet.

For this reason, the sales contract is made with:

This address is also the location of the company

Rehaland Orthopädietechnik GmbH
Abt. magic-lingerie
Nicolaistr. 24/25
D-01307 Dresden

The chief executive is Mr. Wolfgang Schell.

Telephone: 0049 - (0) 351 - 8 66 26 0
Telefax: 0049 - (0) 351 - 8 66 26 13
Commercial Registry Number: HRB 8494 / Amtsgericht Dresden
Value-Added Tax Identification Number: DE 140598194

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2. Completion of Contracts


The sale of our products takes place only for private use.


The product presentation in the internet shop serves to inform of the sales offer. As long as the products are in the shopping cart, you have not yet ordered them. You first make a binding order for the products listed on the order by clicking the button “send order”. You will receive the order confirmation per email directly after you have placed the order.

This concludes the sales contract.


We deliver "for as long as supplies last". If the ordered product is no longer available because they can no longer be delivered by our suppliers through no fault of our own, we can withdraw from the contract. In this case we will inform you immediately and may suggest the delivery of a comparable product. If no comparable product is available or you do not wish the delivery of a comparable product, we will immediately repay you for any services already provided.

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3. Prices

3.1 Prices Within the European Union (EU) and Germany

The prices named on the product pages are: Gross prices in € (including the legally valid German value-added tax). The shipping costs of a standard order will be added to this.

3.1.1 Special Case

Orders from Great Britain can also be paid in British pounds.

3.2 Net Prices Outside of the European Union (Third Countries)

The prices named on the product pages are net prices in € or in the given national currency and do not contain any value-added tax. Shipping costs, customs, custom clearing fees, insurance and other fees will be added to this. They can be paid in the following currencies:

  • Swiss Francs (CHF)
  • British Pounds (GBP)
  • Euro (EUR)

3.2.1 Special Case – Switzerland:

Net prices (without German value-added tax) in Swiss francs are valid for orders from Switzerland. We will deliver the products ordered to you in Switzerland for free with customs fully paid: You will, however, still pay your Swiss value-added tax of 7.6% + the following share of the shipping costs:

Your Shipping Costs Share Of the Net Price of the Goods in the Shopping Cart
0,- € net From at least 230,- € net
25,- € net From 70,- € to 229,99 € net

No delivery is possible for orders smaller than 40 € as the shipping costs including customs fees are too high.

You will be charged no customs and customs clearing fees. These costs will be paid for by magic-lingerie.

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4. Shipping Costs

4.1.1 There are no delivery and shipping limitations for the following EU countries:

Shipping Costs
Country Value of Order Shipping Costs
Germany Germany Sale Higher than 40,- €
Lower than 40,- €
0,- €
4,- €
Belgium Belgium Sale Higher than 40,- €
Lower than 40,- €
0,- €
4,- €
Denmark Denmark Sale Higher than 40,- €
Lower than 40,- €
0,- €
4,- €
Austria Austria Sale Higher than 40,- €
Lower than 40,- €
0,- €
4,- €
Great Britain and Northern Ireland Great Britain and Northern Ireland Sale Higher than 50,- €
Lower than 50,- €
0,- €
5,- €
Frankreich France Sale Higher than 40,- €
Lower than 40,- €
0,- €
4,- €
Ireland Ireland Sale Higher than 60,- €
Lower than 60,- €
0,- €
8,- €
Italy Italy Sale Higher than 60,- €
Lower than 60,- €
0,- €
5,- €
Luxemburg Luxemburg Sale Higher than 40,- €
Lower than 40,- €
0,- €
4,- €
The Netherlands The Netherlands Sale Higher than 40,- €
Lower than 40,- €
0,- €
4,- €
Poland Poland Sale Higher than 60,- €
Lower than 60,- €
0,- €
7,- €
Portugal Portugal Sale Higher than 60,- €
Lower than 60,- €
0,- €
8,- €
Sweden Sweden Sale Higher than 60,- €
Lower than 60,- €
0,- €
8,- €
Slovakia Slovakia Sale Higher than 60,- €
Lower than 60,- €
0,- €
5,- €
Slovenia Slovenia Sale Higher than 60,- €
Lower than 60,- €
0,- €
5,- €
Spain Spain Sale Higher than 70,- €
Lower than 70,- €
0,- €
8,- €
The Czech Republic The Czech Republic Sale Higher than 40,- €
Lower than 40,- €
0,- €
4,- €
Hungary Hungary Sale Higher than 60,- €
Lower than 60,- €
0,- €
5,- €

DPD and DHL transport our packages from Germany. The packages will be transferred to the respective postal service provides in the respective countries at the borders. Your packages will be delivered as standards orders. Express transportation is not possible.

The shipping costs will be clearly indicated to once again you on the product pages, in the shopping cart system and on the order page.

4.1.2 Delivery and Shipping Limitations in the Following EU Countries:

Within the European Union, we can only make deliveries with limitations to the following countries. The weight of the products ordered may amount to a maximum of 10 kg. Please determine the shipping costs from the following table.

Shipping Costs
Country Weight: max. 2kg Weight: max. 10kg
  Value of Goods Value of Goods
  Higher than 40,- € Less than 40,- € Higher than 70,- € Less than 70,- €
Lithuania 4,- € 8,- € 9,50 € 20 €
Latvija 4,- € 8,- € 9,50 € 20 €
Estonia 4,- € 8,- € 9,50 € 20 €
Cyprus 4,- € 8,- € No Delivery  
Malta 4,- € 8,- € No Delivery  
Greece 4,- € 8,- € No Delivery  

4.2 Shipping to Non EU Countries (= Third Countries)

We deliver the products at net prices (without value-added tax) to non EU countries. It is not feasible to deliver orders falling under the minimum order amount. Special regulations are valid for Switzerland, see point 3.2.1 (duties are paid on goods).

Shipping Costs
Country Minimum Order Amount Net Value of Products in Shopping Cart Share of Shipping Costs Duty is Paid on the Products?
Switzerland 70,- € Higher than 230,- €
Lower than 230,- €
0,- €
25,- €
USA / Canada / others 0,- € Higher than 100,- €
Lower than 100,- €
3,- €
10,- €

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5. Returns


Please contact us before making return shipments:

0049 - (0) 351 - 4 90 42 08 or
0049 - (0) 351 - 4 90 44 88 or

to announce the return shipment. In this manner, you are allowing us to correlate the products as quickly as possible.


Please avoid damaging and soiling the products. If possible, please send the products back to us in the original packaging with all accessories. Please keep the orginal packaging until you decide not to make use of your right of cancellation. If you no longer possess the original packaging, please obtain an appropriate packaging which will provide sufficient protection against damages during transportation.


Please note that the modalities named in sections 5.1 & 5.2 are not preconditions for the effective exercising of the right of cancellation.

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6. Right of Cancellation

6.1 Only Consumers Have the Following Legal Right of Cancellation:

Cancellation Policy

Right of Cancellation

You can cancel your contract within two weeks without providing cause, in text form (e.g. letter, fax, email) or be returning the products. The period begins, at the earliest, upon receipt of this policy. The timely shipping of the cancellation or the products is sufficient to meet the cancellation deadline. The cancellation should be address to:

Rehaland Orthopädietechnik GmbH
Abt. magic-lingerie
Nicolaistr. 24/25
D-01307 Dresden

Chief Executive
Wolfgang Schell

0049 - (0) 351 - 4 90 44 88 oder


Consequences of Cancellation

In the event of an effective cancellation, services received on both sides must be returned and, if applicable, any usage (e.g. interest) must be declared. If you are wholly or partially unable to return the services or received or only able to return them in a worsened condition, you must provide compensation insofar as is applicable. This does not apply to the return of goods if the deterioration of the goods is due exclusively to the inspection that you would have been able to conduct at a store. Apart from this, you can avoid the compensation obligation by not using the goods as an owner and refrain from anything that could influence their value. Goods able to be shipped must be returned. Goods not be able to be shipped will be picked up from you. You must bear the costs of the return shipping if those goods delivered are the ones ordered and if the price of the goods being returned does not exceed 40 euros or if, in the event of a higher price of the goods, if you have not yet provided the service or contractually agreed partial payment at the time of the cancellation. In all other cases, the return shipping is free of cost to you. You must fulfill obligations for the compensation of payment within 30 days of the sending of your cancellation declaration.

End of the cancellation policy.

6.2 Special Note


The right of cancellation does not exist for distance selling contracts for the delivery of goods which have been manufactured according to customer specifications or have been clearly tailored to your personal needs or are not suitable for return shipment due to their characteristics or can quickly spoil or whose expiration date has been exceeded.

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7. Delivery Area, Range of Goods, Delivery Periods and Delivery Capacity

7.1 Delivery Area

We make deliveries to end customers in:

  • The entire European Union (EU)
  • Non EU Countries:
    • - Switzerland
    • - Norway
    • - USA, Canada
    • - Central and South America
    • - Arabic Countries
    • - Turkey
    • - Japan
    • - CIS Countries (Russia, Ukraine)

of the articles offered in the online shop.

7.2 Range of Goods

You can purchase all articles listed. Please note possible shipping and delivery limitations, see shipping limitations 4.1 & 4.2.

7.3 Delivery Periods

All articles offered are generally able to shipped immediately, as long as something significantly different is not stated in the product description.

Country/Area Delivery Periods
EU 2-5 days
Switzerland 3-5 days
Other Non EU Countries 7-14 days

Delivery Capacity

Note delivery times and possible shipping limitations, see shipping limitations in point 4.2, in certain EU countries due to high shipping costs.

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8. Order


We will inspect every order before the goods are shipped to you in the following regards:

  • Inspection of Goods
    Whether the goods ordered are identical to the goods ready to ship and whether they are functional, complete and free or errors. (Inspections are always made by 2 persons. The results are logged.)
  • Shipping Method
    Whether the goods are packed securely for transportation, whether the delivery address is complete and correct and whether the goods have been cleared for shipment.
  • Payment Method
    Whether the invoice matches the payment method and if all preconditions have been met to send the goods to you.

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9. Payment

Overview Germany EU Countries Non EU Countries
Prepayment yes yes yes
Payment per ClickandBuy yes yes yes
Payment per Creditcard (via Woldpay) yes yes yes

9.1.1 Prepayment

After a successful order, you receive an email from us which confirms your order. In this email, you will see the total amount of the goods you have ordered.

Bank Sorting Code (BLZ): 850 400 00
Account Number: 800 316 200
IBAN: DE63 8504 0000 0800 3162 00

Please transfer the entire amount to this acount. If the money has not reached our account by 10 days after your order, at the latest, your order will expire free of charge.

9.1.2 Payment per ClickandBuy


9.1.3 Payment per Paypal

Solution Graphics

With PayPal you can pay by direct debit, bank transfer, credit card or from your PayPal credit. You don’t give us any details of your account. If you would like to pay using this method, you will need to be registered with PayPal.

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9.1.4 Payment per Credit Card

Powered By WorldPay

Please pay with one of the following credit cards:

Visa Credit payments supported by WorldPay Mastercard payments supported by WorldPay Maestro payments supported by WorldPay Diners payments supported by WorldPay
JCB payments supported by WorldPay American Express payments supported by WorldPay Solo payments supported by WorldPay Laser payments supported by WorldPay

Your credit card will be charged upon the conclusion of the order if your bank has approved this transaction.

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10. Ordering Process

10.1 In the Shopping Cart

When you have found the desired article, you place this non-bindingly in the shopping cart by clicking the button “place in shopping cart”. You can see the contents of the shopping cart non-bindingly at any time by clicking the button “shopping cart”, meaning that you have not yet ordered. The products can be removed from the shopping cart at any time by clicking the button “delete”. If you would like to change the number of articles you have selected, then enter the new number in the box and confirm this by pressing the button “update”.

10.2 Order with or without Registration, Entering your Data and Check them, bindingly send Order.

Your products are in your shopping cart and you can buy them now.

You can choose between two methods:

10.2.1 Order without Registration

Please click “Order Now”

Ordering in 3 steps:

The window “Ordering Step 1 of 3 / Shipping Information” opens.

  • Please enter your information in the fields marked with *.
  • Click the button “Next Step”

The window “Ordering, Step 2 of 3 / Payment and Gift Card Code” opens.

  • Please confirm your prepared payment method.
  • If you want to use a gift card enter your gift card code in the marked field.
  • Click the button “Next Step”

The window “Ordering Step 3 of 3 / Summary” opens.

  • Check your information and your shopping cart.
  • Also check your payment method.

Is everything is correct

  • choose your preferred packaging
  • confirm that you have a two week right of cancellation
  • that you have read the customer information and the right of cancellation
  • click “Order Now”
  • you will get an order confirmation sent to your email immediately

10.2.2 You Sign in to Order as registered Customer or Register first

Before you can sign in you will have to register unless you have already done so. You will enter your address like described above in 10.2.1

Choosing “register first” and of course as already registered customer you will be able to log in when purchasing something and all your details are saved. You will not to have to enter of your details again. You only need your email address and password to sign in.

You can always delete this information.

10.3 Quitting the Process (step 1 – 3 )

You can always stop the transaction by closing the browser. By clicking “Back to Step 1” you can repeat your order and enter new information.

10.4 Saving your Information

We save your order information and send them together with your cancellation policy to your email address. You can check your order by logging into your profile.

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11. Reservation of Proprietary Rights

The products remain our property until complete payment. Pawning, assignment as security, processing or transformation is not allowed without our approval prior to the transfer of property.

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12. Guarantee and Customer Service


The guarantee takes place as per the legal conditions. For all defects occurring during the legally obligated period of guarantee of 2 years after delivery you have the legal right to subsequent fulfillment (with your choice: remedying of defects or replacement) and, in the event that the legal preconditons are met, the legal right to reduction or withdrawal as well as damage compensation. You must allow us a total of 2 attempts at improvement if you have not yet set a reasonable deadline which has expired without result. If the method of subsequent fulfillment selected by you is only possible with disproportionate costs, your claim is limited to the other form of subsequent fulfillment.


We provide no guarantee for damages and defects which occur from improper use, operation and storage, negligent or erroneous care and maintenance, overstress or improper repair by an unauthorized service partner.

If you would like a malfunctioning product to be repaired or replaced, please send the product back to us free of charge. To do so, please ask for the corresponding return label with the return address and the return number at:

Telephone: 0049 - (0) 351 - 4 90 42 08 or
Fax: 0049 - (0) 351 - 4 90 44 88 or


You can reach our customer service for questions, complaints and objections on business days from 8 am until 6 pm at:

Telephone: 0049 - (0) 351 - 4 90 42 08 or
Fax: 0049 - (0) 351 - 4 90 44 88 or

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13. Transportation Damages

13.1 Report Damages Immediately

If you receive goods with obvious transportation damages, then please immediately do 2 things:

  • Complain about the problem to the freight carrier. This is the package deliver (e.g. DPD, DHL) or the forwarder employed by us. The contact information is located on the delivery certificate.
  • And contact us
Telephone: 0049 - (0) 351 - 4 90 42 08 or
Fax: 0049 - (0) 351 - 4 90 44 88 or

13.2 Failure to Complain or Make Contact

The failure to make a complaint or make contact with us has no consequences on your legal guarantee rights. You will, however, help us to be able to enforce our own claims against the freight carrier and/or the transportation insurance.

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14. Explanation of Data Protection


We are thrilled with your interest in our online shop. In the following, we will inform you completely as to how your data will be handled

Data Security

Encryption of Your Data

magic-lingerie uses the secure online transfer process “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) to process your personal information. All information transferred using this secure method is encrypted before it is sent to us. This ensures that no one else can use your information.

Your credit card information will not be saved, but instead directly sent to our payment service provider WorldPay and ATOS Worldline and processed.

Securing of Data

We secure our website and other system through technical and organizational measure against the loss, destruction, access, changing or processing of your data by unauthorized persons. Access to your customer account is only possible by entering your personal password. You should always keep your access information confidential and close the browser window when you have ended communication with us, particularly if you are not using your own computer.

Your Right to Information

You have a right to free information about your saved data as well as a possible right to the revision, blockage or deletion of data.

Please consult:

E-Mail: oder
Mail: Fa. Rehaland, Abt. magic-lingerie
Nicolaistr. 24/25
D-01307 Dresden
Telephone: 0049 - (0) 351 - 4 90 42 08
Fax: 0049 - (0) 351 - 4 90 44 88


Data Regarding Your Person

Compilation, Processing and Using Personal Information

You can visit our online ship without providing information about your person. We only use access data with personal reference such as the name of your internet service provider, the page you visited us from or the name of the requested file. The information is only evaluated for the improvement of our online offer and allows no determination of your person.

Personal information is only compiled if you have voluntarily provided it within the context of your order, the opening of your customer account, the registration for our newsletter or notification of order status. We use the information provided by you solely for the fulfillment and processing of your order without your special approval. Upon the complete processing of the contract and the complete payment of the sales price, your information is saved for further use and deleted upon expiration of the regulations as per tax and commercial law, insofar as you have not expressly approve the additional use of your information. Upon registration for the newsletter, your name and email address will be used for certain advertising purposes with your approval until you unsubscribe from the newsletter.

Transfer of Personal Information, Credit Inspection

Your information is given to the shipping company (package service or forwarder) charged with the delivery insofar as this is necessary for the delivery of the goods. Insofar as we enter into advance provision of goods (e.g. if you have ordered with an open invoice or with payment on delivery) we will obtain a credit check for the protection of our entitled interests from CEG Creditreform Consumer GmbH, Herllersbergstr. 14 , 41460 Neuß. Your concerns worthy of protection will be considered as per the legal conditions. A transfer to third parties will not occur.

Use of Cookies

We use cookies on different pages in order to attractively design the visit to our online shop and to enable the use of certain functions. This concerns small text files which are deposited on your computer. Most of the cookies used by us will be deleted from your hard drive after the end of your browser session (so-called session cookies). Other cookies remain on your computer and allow us to recognize your computer upon your next visit (so-called long term cookies). These cookies allow us to greet you with your user name and spare you the need to reenter your password or fill out forms with your information for subsequent orders. Our partner company is not allowed to compile, process or use personal information using cookies in our online shop. You can program your browser in such a manner that you will be informed when cookies are placed, can decide about the acceptance of cookies case by case or generally prohibit the acceptance of cookies. If you prohibit these, the functionality of our online ship could be limited.

In the following, you will find a description of how the standard browser programs can be set:

Browser Setting
Internet Explorer 6.x: Tools/Internet Options/Data Protection/Advanced/Stop Automatic Cooking Handling/respectively > input prompt/OK/OK/. Upon visiting a site that uses cookies, a warning notification will open. After clicking the button “Details” the characteristics and content of the cookie will be displayed
Mozilla ab 1.4: Edit/Setting/Data Protection & Security/Cookies/Cookie Lifetime Rules-> “Ask for each cookie”/OK. Upon visiting a site that uses cookies, a warning notification will open. After clicking the button “Details” the characteristics and content of the cookie will be displayed.
Firefox 1.x: Tools/Setting/Data Protection/Cookies -> “Accept Cookies” and Save Cookies -> “Ask Each Time”/OK. Upon visiting a site that uses cookies, a warning notification will open. The content and duration of the cookie will be displayed in the text window.
Opera 8: Tools/Advance/Cookies/Respectively for Normal and Third Party Cookies-> “Confirm each Cookie Individually”/OK. Upon visiting a site that uses cookies, a warning notification will open. The content and duration of the cookie will be displayed in the text window.


Cancellation of Approvals

You have expressly provided the following approvals during the course of the ordering process. We would like to inform you that you can cancel your approval at any time to be effective in the future.

Permission for Email Advertising

We will regularly send you interesting offers for similar products that could interest you per email. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time, free of charge, via an informal email.

Use of Cookies

I agree that user name and password will be saved in cookies after the end of the browser session and will be called up upon my next visit. These cookies serve to greet me with my user name and spare me the renewed entry of my password upon subsequent orders. I can cancel this approval at anytime to be effective in the future by changing my browser settings so that the acceptance of cookies will not be possible.

Credit Inspection

I approve of magic-lingerie taking credit information, if necessary, for the purpose of their own credit inspection using mathematically statistical processes from the company CEG Creditreform Consumer GmbH, Hellersbergstr.14, 41460 Neuss and providing address information and possible negative information to CEG Creditreform during the duration of this customer relationship which third parties will provide for credit inspection purposes about my credit, in the event of authorized interest. I can find detailed information about the work procedures of CEG Creditreform at

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15. Coupons

15.1 Gift Coupons

Coupons are always welcome. Especially when things need to go quickly.

There are gift coupons in the amount of:

  •   30.- €
  •   50,- €
  • 100,- €
  • 200,- €

You can order these per mail.

The gift coupons are valid upon the date of issuance for 15 months. Anyone can use the gift coupon within this period of time without additional costs. The person must not be a magic-lingerie customer.

15.2 Campaign Coupons

We would like to reward loyal customers who have a customer account (“My Account”) or a customer number with these campaign coupons. This coupon is not transferable and will be issued in your name. The value of the coupon will credited upon your next order. The campaign coupon is generally only valid for a short time (maximum of 4 weeks), meaning that you must submit it before its expiration with your next order and/or enter the coupon code in your order form.

15.3 Campaign Coupons

The coupon will be sent to you per email (only with your prior approval).

The type of the coupon can change as follows:

  • Discount Coupon
  • Bonus Coupon
  • Dialogue Coupon
  • Loyalty Coupon

15.4 5.- € - Coupon for Recruited Customers.

This is the reward for your advertising.

If you recruit a new person for magic-lingerie, you will immediately receive 10 € in your account as long as an order has been placed with magic-lingerie by the person recruited by you. Please print out an order form for new customers for this purpose.

The new customer will then enter:

  • The personal information
  • Sign the order form
  • Enter your customer number (this is very important)
  • Then mail everything together

You will receive 5.- € for each recruitment.

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Your payment options



Call +49 (0)1801 - 77 66 33 more


Free delivery when you spend more than 150,00 £.
(Great Britain)
You need to spend 150,00 £.