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Lingerie is breathtaking, Lingerie enchants your mind.

If your summer holiday is what you want most at the moment and if you want to look irresistible at the beach, then go and have a look at the new summer lingerie and swimwear collection.

What is it, that makes people so attractive?

A open smile. Inimitable movements you make while walking, wind that messes up your hair, tanned skin, the outfit, the language, your swimwear, the complete image you represent.

Do the right thing at the right time.

Then you are always on the side of the winners.
You look attractive. You are likable.<7p>

Make your so much wanted summer holiday a memorable event.

Yours truly,
Marianne Schell
Marianne Schell

P.S.: I like to give you some advice. So do not hesitate to contact me.

mehr Informationen zum Produkt: Prothesen BH Mona (WB) 0946

Prothesen BH Mona (WB)...

Prothesen BH Mona (WB) 0946
Comfortable Prosthesis Bra with supporting underwire and seamless cups.

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mehr Informationen zum Produkt: Push-Up Bra Magic Sexy ACC 3564

Push-Up Bra Magic Sexy...

Push-Up Bra Magic Sexy ACC 3564
Magic Sexy Push-up Bra by Lise Charmel, decorated with beautiful flower embroidery in fresh colors

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mehr Informationen zum Produkt: Mastectomy Tankini Rimini 6559.555

Mastectomy Tankini Rim...

Mastectomy Tankini Rimini 6559.555
Rimini 6559.555 Anita Care Mastectomy Tankini

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mehr Informationen zum Produkt: Sarong Anita 8644.308

Sarong Anita 8644.308...

Sarong Anita 8644.308
Sarong Anita

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mehr Informationen zum Produkt: Push-Up Bra, ECA3687

Push-Up Bra, ECA3687...

Push-Up Bra, ECA3687
Push-up Bra Beauté Dandy is a real eye-catcher.Trendy design with dots and masculine stripes is just the right mix ofpatterns.

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mehr Informationen zum Produkt: Wedding bodysuit Amelie with wire 1873

Wedding bodysuit Ameli...

Wedding bodysuit Amelie with wire 1873
Romantic flowers meet beautiful Jacquard

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Lingerie and underwear trends spring and summer 2008

Neo-Mystic (Retro, Art Deco) - women as mysterious nature

A woman who only thinks about her future. She loves everything new and
straightforward. But she also loves mystery and comes across as
inapproachable, or simply mysterious. She's always elegant. She loves
puristic lingerie with a touch of Art Deco. Her lingerie has
geometrical patterns like chequers or triangles. Not only herself but
also the colours of her lingerie are clouded in secrecy. Mostly black,
sometimes dark brown, red or night-blue.

Glamour-Look a.k.a Diva

This territory is ruled by the big labels. Women who want to wear the
best of the best at every time and who also like to attract other
people's attention and enjoy taking the centre stage. The lingerie is
generously adorned - silk, satin, sequins or Swarowski adds some
glamour to every bra. Dark colours like black, gold or red look

Bright colours

This lingerie cannot be colourful enough. The brighter the better.
Women who love colour can now indulge themselves when wearing yellow,
read, orange, purple or pink. Shining microfiber supports the bright

Ethno-Look - lingerie for wild cats

The lingerie comes in sand and brown with Indian and African patterns.
Black and white form the contrast. A lot of exotic and love of
adventure make this lingerie special. Pictures of tigers, ocelots or
leopards support this statement.



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